NeboAir. Personal air station

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5-in-1 air monitoring station

Unite, identify pollution and make your city cleaner

All sensors automatically connect to an open network to be more accurate and learn to predict air pollution in your neighborhood. Measure air quality, predict pollution and improve your city's environment with Nebo

Every major city contains hundreds of air pollutants that we breathe

In order to detect and warn you about air pollution, you only need to identify one marker pollutant found in almost all urban emissions - PM2.5 (Fine Particulate Matter)

PM2.5 are microscopic particles of soot, mineral salts, rubber, sand and asphalt, heavy metal compounds, chemical emissions, ranging in size from 0.001 to 2.5 micrometers (µm), tens of times thinner than a human hair (its thickness is 40-120 µm), smaller than a blood red blood cell (its diameter is 7 µm).

How to install a Nebo air quality sensor?